Areas of Focus is Mueo’s first nft artwork with an audio track, composed by Grammy nominee James Teej.


Inspired by Robert Irwin’s artworks which explored the impossibility of viewing the entirety of a painting simultaneously, this work explores the impossibility of viewing the entirety of an animation in a single loop. The numerous areas of movement and action require a viewer to pay deeper attention to be able to process multiple Areas of Focus through the course of watching the sequence multiple times.


Despite being time-based media, the visual component can tell multiple stories simultaneously, depending where the viewer is looking. 


The content of the scene presents a further exploration into NeoBaroque virtual architecture. The initial seed inspiration image for this structure comes from the Church of San Francisco Acatepec, a vibrantly colourful structure in the Mexican Baroque Style.


The motion in the piece is an actualization of a dream. Not only is it the actualization of the artist’s dream, it also brings into motion the aspirations of Baroque decorative architecture. The animation style of a sequence without a start or finish is representative of the cyclical and perpetually renewing nature of life. We’re part of an endless flow dipping for just a moment into this individuality before returning again to the source.


The work seeks to represent Antiquity and the Renaissance as part of a deeper cultural root that is still thriving despite the massive shifts in style that reshaped our cultural landscapes starting in the 20th century. Decorative arts is once again thriving, and the NeoBaroque is seeking to expand the creative possibilities that were previously limited by the need to create physically based artwork.


The audio track has been specially composed to create a feeling of scale, and to craft a seamless loop of an indeterminable length. 


The artwork is 1500×1500 x 30s.


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