This artwork depicts Lady Freedom, relocated from her position atop the Capitol building in Washington, where many now question her symbolic legitimacy, to a setting which represents imagination and creative spirit; a place unconquerable and perpetually free. Welcome home.


The original placement of the statue sits atop a pedestal surrounded by fasces, symbolic representations of the authority of the government. It’s also the root word for fascism. That part of the artwork was definitively removed from the new placement, for reasons that don’t need explanation.


Can freedom in the human spirit and imagination be extinguished? Can socio-cultural pressures cause the imagination to be self censored and eventually eradicated? Can generations of absolute control extinguish the spirit of creativity? Many historical attempts have been made around the world, through political, social, and religious means, with varying levels of success, but inevitably, the spirit of creativity wrests itself free. 


The digital artwork landscape’s evolution over the past year has created a new level of freedom, thanks to the backbone of NFTs, blockchain technology, and its countless developers. For our freedom to create without limitation, we thank you.


The video is a 1080×1920 x 20 second seamless loop, intended for display on a portrait format screen.