Leto’s Rage


Leto's Rage is a temporary NFT, when transferred to the token holder who sends Leto 09 to the underworld.

“Upon learning of Niobe’s brazen hubris to taunt Leto at her own ceremony, Leto became enraged and sent for her twins, Apollo and Artemis to kill Niobe’s children. Apollo was sent to kill the seven male Niobids, and Artemis was fetched to kill the female Niobids.”

When Leto's rage is transferred, a 48 hour countdown clock is started. At the end of the countdown, anyone who has transferred a Male Niobid token to the Underworld, (symbolizing their death) will be entered into a draw to win Apollo.

Another 24 hour countdown clock starts after Apollo has been won, this time for the destruction of the Female Niobids. Anyone who transfers a Female Niobid to the Underworld will be entered in a draw to win Artemis.

Few have ever returned from the realm of Hades, the Underworld.


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