Samsara is the expression of the perpetual and cyclical nature of reincarnation.


With a nod towards Andy Weir’s Egg short story, this artwork references the Buddhist wheel of life, the endless cycle of death and rebirth that can only be escaped through enlightenment. In the case of the artwork, the journey is not around the wheel, but through its hub, a tangential path into imaginary numbers and imaginary possibilities.


This artwork merges the expressive style of NeoBaroque with the conceptual theme of Samsara.


NeoBaroque picks up where Baroque left off, with the added benefit of expressing the physically impossible with digital graphics. Now that we are in an era where the artificial can be nearly as real as the real, the capabilities of art to express unreal possibilities are truly limitless. In addition to leaving the rules of physicality behind, the structure of religious hegemony has been removed from the NeoBaroque, and replaced in this work with a sense of unmediated connection to the infinite.


This artwork has been digitally created for a digital world. There is no intermediary media which brings physicality to the work. It is indigenous to the digital landscape; representations as a physical piece are duplicates of the original digital.


The video is a 1920×1920 x 22 second seamless loop, intended for display on a square screen.


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