The Pietà was carved in Carrera marble by Michelangelo. The full statue depicts Mary holding the lifeless body of Jesus, her son. It is animated in the NeoBaroque style, bringing the surroundings of the statue to life, imbuing the statue itself with marked stillness. The seven sorrows are represented by seven swords, a metaphor frequently used in Marian Art. The swords orbit, piercing the halo, which frames the work in front of a cloudscape.


This piece’s style fits within Stuart Ward (Mueo)’s NeoBaroque series of artworks. The series, including still imagery, 3d printing, and animated works, is a reinvestigation of the forms that created the decorative elements of Baroque Art, using digital processes to advance the style in more innovative ways than was possible when it was originally developed and practiced.  


The artwork is a 1200×1200 x 12 second seamlessly looping video.


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