Memories Carried by the Living is a reminder to keep living despite the sorrow experienced from loss. The skull is frequently used as a symbol to represent memento mori, which literally translates to ‘remember death’. More than a reminder that death is coming, it is a message to live fully before death arrives. As the Australian philosopher Philip Davis said; “You’re going to be dead a really long f****** time, might as well make the best of being alive.” The memories carried by the living are the memories that were created by people which are subsequently only carried alone, cherished and treasured. They serve as a reminder to live, creating shared memories for others to also treasure.


The animation style of a sequence without a start or finish is representative of the cyclical and perpetually renewing nature of life. We’re part of an endless flow dipping for just a moment into this individuality before returning again to the source.


The artwork is a 1100×100 x 3 second seamlessly looping video, presented as a 9 second sequence.


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