Neon Venus is an imaginative juxtaposition of a classical sculpture in a vibrant environment to serve as a reminder that serenity and calm is a cultural and personal construct. 


The objects surrounding Venus are NeoBaroque and neon, expressing dream-like, almost hypnotic movements.  The viewer is lulled into a trance-like state, gazing upon the Venusian beauty’s environs, while simultaneously given the sensorial emotions connected with a neon archetype. Neon’s associations are connected to nightlife, signage advertising, and an urban core aesthetic, now less common, and approaching a bygone and nostalgic era. One can find calmness in the buzz of a neon light, or the contrasting intensity of its emission. It is a matter of taking the moment to look. Akin to traveling without leaving your home, a shift in perspective is the requirement to experience the calmness of something usually considered busy. 


The movement of the animation creates a stillness in the parts of the scene which are not moving. Most noticeably, the figure of Venus sculpture. Viewers do not expect the sculpture to move, having associated it with marble sculptures experienced in their lives. When juxtaposed with motion, the sculpture becomes even more still.


The central sculptural form was first created as an animation and render experiment in 2020, developed as a digital artwork along with a series of NeoBaroque works created in the same year. This piece was edited into its current format in 2021.


The video is a 1200×1200 x 16 second seamless loop.


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