Nymph is an un-juxtaposition of object into place. The nymph statue sits in a museum, and hasn’t been in a bathhouse in at least a thousand years. This returns the nymph to its natural location, which was created based on archaeological excavations of bathing facilities in Rome and Greece. 


The objects surrounding the nymph are NeoBaroque, expressing dream-like, almost hypnotic movements. The viewer is lulled into a trance-like state, much like the classical stories that surround the experience of seeing a nymph.


The background is adjusted to give a painterly feel, a reference to painters who used lenses to block in areas quickly, and focus their attention and detail on elements like the face and hands in a portrait. The deep background features a screen constructed of a meander pattern, one commonly found in bath house tiles, and on contemporary bath towels.


The process of creation originally had the nymph surrounded by water in the pool, but it was removed to reveal geometric topographies that root the artwork into architecture and a nature based voxel landscape.


The central sculptural form was first created in 2018, developed as a digital artwork along with a series of NeoBaroque works created in the same year. This piece was edited into its current format in 2021.


The video is a 1920×1080 x 15 second seamless loop.


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