The changing of the seasons creates a sense of awareness of a longer passage of time, a longer unit of measure. Different from the daily cycle, a seasonal change, especially one marked by a rapid and noticeable change is a vivid reminder of longer passages of time. The arrival of the cherry blossoms, a brief moment of the year, acts as a symbol of the passage of the entire year. 


The sense of perspective gained by viewing existence from a longer time-measure serves a bittersweet purpose. It connects us with deep time, and the ancestral sense of existence. The blossoms bloom every spring, and have been for centuries. When gazing at their beauty, with the perspective of long-time, one can’t help but be reminded of the generations past who did the same thing, and the generations hopefully to come. So we are but a blink of an eye in the long sense of temporal existence, and the reminder that life is short is filled with joy and anguish.


The blossoms act as a reminder that the relentless passage of time is filled with moments of beauty, to be celebrated if possible. 


We scream into the void that we are here, celebrating the beauty of life’s moments, striving to deepen our human experiences before our brief time here and now draws to an end. We are here, now.


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