The more we know, the more we know we don’t know. As our archaeological technology improves, we keep discovering new and unknown parts of history that were previously declared to be comprehensively understood. Archaeo-chemistry is reopening closed books, and the knowledge of the past can help inform our decisions for the future. The original portrait sculpture depicted in this artwork is androgynous and has been the subject of debate for decades; a suitable representation of knowing some things will never be known. Some things don’t need to be known either, and the mystery contributes to our collective interest in the unknowable. The opening face, inspired by a wooden Japanese sculpture of Amitabha emerging from a Jizo statue, represents the relationship of the inner true self, and the outer presented self, and the morality of their congruence.


This piece’s style fits within Stuart Ward (Mueo)’s NeoBaroque series of artworks. The series, including still imagery, 3d printing, and animated works, is a reinvestigation of the forms that created the

decorative elements of Baroque Art, using digital processes to advance the style in more innovative ways than was possible when it was originally developed and practiced.  


The artwork is a 1080×1080 x 12 second seamlessly looping video.


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