Winged Victory was created in November 2020, to celebrate a victory over looming tyranny. This edition was animated and prepared for NFT in April 2021.


The central figure is a scan of Winged Victory of Samothrace, a sculpture of the Goddess Nike that was created to celebrate a victory, the details of which have been lost in time.   


Despite having discovered Nike’s right hand was not holding a weapon, this artwork has appropriated an arm and sword from The Motherland Calls, one of Europe’s largest sculptures, a memorial to the battle of Stalingrad, which was a victory over tyranny, by tyranny. 


The statue’s visual contribution to the artwork creates a resting place of visual tranquility; it is carved to look like a moment frozen in time. The surrounding wings are animated in the NeoBaroque style to create a heightened sense of motion, and to induce a breathing effect to the artwork as well as the viewer. The background textures of the artwork are also timed to bring viewers into a relaxed state through breath induction. 


The threat of tyranny has been defeated, we can breathe now, and collectively recharge.


The video is a 1080×1920  20 second seamless loop.


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